Core Driving Knowledge and Skills

Assessment Standards

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 Core Driving

Level 1
  20969 Unit Demonstrate procedures when a light motor vehicle has broken down 2 Credits
  3461 Unit Demonstrate light motor vehicle safety procedures
This standard has expired and is no longer available.
3 Credits
Level 2
  1734 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of stress, health and fatigue for driving 3 Credits
  17458 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of light motor vehicle systems and components 2 Credits
  17563 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of the New Zealand Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDLS) 3 Credits
  17676 Unit Carry out a pre-drive vehicle check on a light motor vehicle, and start and shut down the vehicle. 3 Credits
  17677 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of safe night driving 2 Credits
  3462 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of traffic law for the purpose of safe driving 3 Credits
  3464 Unit Describe human risk factors in terms of a self-management strategy for a driver (DDC) 3 Credits
  3465 Unit Describe driving hazards and risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards(DDC) 3 Credits
  3467 Unit Describe dynamics, and techniques for managing dynamics, of light motor vehicles 4 Credits
  3469 Unit Apply control in driving a light motor vehicle 2 Credits
  3470 Unit Execute low speed manoeuvres in a light motor vehicle 1 Credits
  3471 Unit Tow a light simple trailer 1 Credits
  3472 Unit Describe factors contributing to and consequences of road crashes 1 Credits
Level 3
  17678 Unit Drive a light motor vehicle on unsealed road surfaces 3 Credits
  27309 Unit Drive a light motor vehicle in a fuel efficient manner 4 Credits
  3466 Unit Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving(DDC) 4 Credits
  3468 Unit Apply precise control in riding a road motorcycle 3 Credits


Endorsement Courses

Course Unit Standards

Passenger ('P') 17579 and 24089*
Vehicle recovery ('V') 17580 and 24089*
Dangerous goods ('D') 16718
Forklift ('F') 18496
Rollers ('R') 16702
Tracks ('T') 16703
Wheels ('W') 16701
Driving instructor ('I') 16646, 16647, 14511, 14521, 14523, 20179, 20180, 34


Licencing Course             


 Unit Standards

Class 2 17574 (Class 2) and 24089* (fatigue management, work time and logbooks)
Class 3 17575 (Class 3)
Class 4 17576 (Class 4)
Class 5 17577 (Class 5)


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